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Barista Blend Interview: Hitomi

Hello everyone! How are you enjoying our Barista Blend project? 

We can't believe it's already round 4, and this time we introduce a blend made by Hitomi.  

If you have tried our previous 3 blends, we hope it has been a good journey for you too- there are so many to discover and this project is a great reminder of how coffee reflects so much of the personality of who makes it. 

It's great to experience that process and the journey of the coffee in a cup, and we hope we have been able to share the joy of it with you. 

So, a blend made by gorgeous, lively and bright Hitomi- how will it taste like? 

Check out the interview below and imagine the flavor with us! 

We hope you are as excited as we are for this new blend, and learn more about our barista, about Kurasu and our coffee through this project :)


Q1. What kind of coffee do you like?

A1. A fragrant coffee with long lasting beautiful aftertaste. 

(Interviewer's comment: When she said fragrant, I remembered how I often see her enjoy smelling coffee. Make sure to check out the aroma before you brew it as well!)


Q2. What was your aim in this blend?

A2. A flamboyant coffee that leaves you in a blissful mood. It can be an everyday coffee, but I am imagining this to be more like a special cup for a special day. 

(I'm looking forward to see if I can find that sparkles of Hitomi's personality in the cup too- also it's interesting that she wants it to be something special, while many others were aiming for a milder, everyday kind of coffee. )


Q3. What was your reason to choose this color pallet for your blend?

A3. I wanted to make a package that instantly excites people and cheers them up- the flavor of this blend spoke to me in rainbow colors. 

(Wow, a rainbow! It's very pretty and very her. Making you wonder what you would find in the cup! )



Q4. How was making your first blend like?

 A4. It was such an exciting process imagining how it will turn out. But honestly, I can't respect and thank roasters enough for going through this every single time. 

 (I second that. Designing a blend is such a complex journey.)


 Q5. Any other message to wrap up the interview?

A5. Making a blend named after me is such a rare thing to get to experience, first ever and probably the last- I hope it can make people's day a little brighter.

(We hope this blend will be something special for you just like it is for Hitomi! Cant wait to try out ~! )




Thank you so much for reading and see you in Kyoto!