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Announcement: Ayaka Oki joins Kurasu board as director

We're happy to announce that Ayaka is now Kurasu's director, effective August.

Ayaka was one of our first baristas to join us when we opened Kurasu Kyoto Stand back in August 2016. As she progressed from cafe manager to general manager and now on our board of directors, she has been instrumental in making Kurasu what it is today.

Her infectious smile and passion for creating an unforgettable experience for every customer that walks through Kurasu is a standard we strive to achieve throughout our global operations. Her empathy and dedication to each member of our team have enabled our growth to build a diverse working environment.

Kurasu's vision as a company structure has always been to create opportunities for anyone passionate about coffee and an environment where coffee can become a lifetime career. Ayaka embodies this vision, from starting as a barista with three teammates to now leading a global operation of almost 40 people. How fitting we can make this announcement on our 6th anniversary of when Ayaka joined Kurasu and opened Kyoto Stand with us!

I will continue to serve as Kurasu's director, continuing to do my part and supporting Ayaka and our team to help build Kurasu for a sustainable future and "to spread coffee culture, from Kyoto to the globe."

We are thankful for all the support to be where we are today.

Founder and Director, Kurasu