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Barista Blend Interview: Kume


Hi everyone! 

How did you enjoy Mizuki Blend? It flew off of the shelf again both at the cafes and online this time again. Whew! 

We are so grateful for all of your love and support, and we are just so happy to see the event that features our treasured baristas meeting such a positive reaction from the community! 

Well it's time for the 3rd round and it's "the" Kume-nii! 

("-nii" is one of the loving ways to refer to your big brother in Japanese. Kume-nii is our big brother in Kurasu family <3) 

We hope you are as excited as we are for this new blend, and learn more about our barista, about Kurasu and our coffee through this project :)


Q1. What kind of coffee do you like, Kume-nii?

A1. Fruity, flamboyant, full of life, going straight up to your brain kind of coffee. 

(Interviewer's comment: Just like the coffee Kume-nii brews! Your coffee is very flowery and I'm sure anyone who knows his coffee would agree. )


Q2. What was your aim in this blend?

A2. A blend that does not taste like a blend. But something that lasts in your memory forever, something that makes you gasp. In other words, it's a strawberry milk. 

(Wait...what? I'm confused lol  A blend that does not taste like a blend...a strawberry milk...)


Q3. What was your reason to choose this color pallet for your blend? 

A3. If you ask me to pick 3 colors for Ethiopia dominant espresso blend, you cannot not choose Rasta tricolor!

(Did you get it? If you are not familiar with it, try Googling "Ethiopia" "flag".)




Q4. How was making your first blend like?

 A4. I knew this but I was made to be aware once again that I'm a little strange. 

 (Well, you are... hm, are you? I don't know anymore. Maybe we are all strange. What's normal anyway?)


 Q5. Any other message to wrap up the interview?

A5. Kume is actually my surname and my first name is Satoshi. Nice to know you. 

(Please take note everyone! It's Mr. Satoshi Kume-nii. Let's feel the spring and enjoy the flavor of strawberry in his coffee! ) 



Thank you so much for reading and see you in Kyoto!