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Barista Blend Interview: Tsubasa

Hi everyone!

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We are so excited to enjoy this event with you!

To share more about each Barista Blend with you, we interviewed our baristas.

Our first barista to kick start this event is Tsubasa- we hope this interview helps you imagine the flavor of each blend, and learn more about our great baristas!

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Q1. What is your favorite type of coffee?

A1. A sweet one with moderate amount of aftertaste.

(Interviewer's comment: We agree that this blend also reflects Tsubasa's taste too!)


Q2. What did you want to achieve in this blend?

A2. I created a coffee with good balance and a subtle but solid impact. Something that you don't get bored of, and that makes you want to enjoy it every day. 

(Interviewer's comment: Intriguing! Don't miss it!) 


Q3. We asked you to pick the colors for the label too- what's the theme?

A3. A simple design but with a bright and gorgeous color. 

(Interviewer's comment: This is so Tsubasa, and also it links very well with the flavor note "honey and apple". )


Q4. Please tell us about the experience and the process of making this blend. 

 A4. I really enjoyed paring each single origins in a way that they complement each other and also cover for each other. 

For this event we prepared the following 5 single origins, and I picked 3 to blend.  

  • Brazil Pulped natural
  • Guatemala Washed
  • Colombia Washed
  • El Salvador Semi washed
  • Ethiopia Natural


Q5. Any message? 

A5. I made this blend imagining this to be a "Silver Bullet" of Barista Blend. Enjoy!

(Interviewer's comment: Can't wait to feel the bullet! XD)



Thank you so much!

We are looking forward to meeting you at the cafe.