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We are building our whole new house blend: and we want to build it with you.

Hi, it's Kosuke. 

I have a news today, and the news is...we are making a whole new house blend!

I am so emotionally attached to our signature "Kurasu House Blend Light"- this is the very first blend I designed after days and nights of trying and testing with our newly installed Giesen, and it's been one of the most popular choices of our customers at our cafes and online shop alike. 

It's been a great reminder of our wonderful milestone where we started to roast coffee by ourselves, but as we grew and gained more insight and aspirations to be better than yesterday's us, I started to feel that our signature blend also needs updating. 

Just like our baristas brew their heart into each cup every day to serve the best cup for their customers, I roast coffee every time thinking of delivering the best coffee to them that they can also enjoy drinking.

To be honest, calibrating espresso every morning can be hard. I don't drink full shot each time, but even a little sip can eventually take toll on me- I need to repeat that for many times, and it's quite an intense liquid after all. But if I end up with a great shot that can start someone's day nice and tasty, it's worth it. That's what I want to create, and that's why I roast.  

2020 was undeniably tough. Not only cafes but so many restaurants and bars took a big hit. Thanks to our incredible boss, we can still do what we love and work as baristas, serving coffee. The fact that we survived 2020 as a team means a great deal to me- and that's why I feel even more determined to make a good, new house blend, and to make it as a team. 

For the past few months I have been working with each baristas, cupping with them to learn their tastes and preferences, and made a blend for each one of them.  

Originally, I was planning to gather those new learnings about my teammates to create one complete blend. But then I thought, why not sharing them individually as well with you? It would be something interesting, wouldn't it?

So I'm making it happen. Our barista blends will be available as a series in order at our cafes and online shop for a limited amount. Your feedback on each blend will be a great input for the completion of our House Blend 2.0. 

Stay tuned!