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Beyond Coffee Roaster visits Kurasu: Guest Barista + Workshop

We invited Bunn-san from Beyond Coffee Roasters to be a guest barista and to hold a workshop at Kurasu Kyoto on January 8. 

We’ve been serving beans from Beyond Coffee Roasters since November of last year in our Kyoto and Singapore branches, and their roast has been highly praised inside and outside of Japan for their great variety of roasting level while expressing the best out of each kind of coffee.

Bunn-san's curiosity and passion for coffee he always been an inspiration to us, and it was a great honor for us to be able to invite him.

During the guest barista time, Bunn-san served 4 kinds of beans including precious Ethiopia Gesha Village using Hario V60, and he served more than 30 cups within 3 hours. Some of the customers have  tried coffee from Beyond Coffee Roasters at Kurasu, but this time it was even more special and exciting for them to be able to enjoy a cup brewed by the actual roaster while talking to him about the flavor and his roast.

Workshop had a rather niche theme this time - it was about micro powder.

We used a shifter called Kruve that separates grinds according to their sizes, and we tried to experience the difference micro powder makes. 

We also experimented on different roast levels using Kruve and had a cupping session as well as brewed by hand.

Along with Bunn-san's episodes on being a judge at Kurasu's Brewers Tournament, we had very intriguing discussions analyzing micro powder from roaster's/brewer's point of view.

It's still rare to see Kruve even at specialty coffee shops, and it made such a wonderful workshop full of discovery and learning.

Thank you so much Bunn-san for coming!

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