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Masataka Sugiura joins as Kurasu's CFO

Starting August 2023, Masataka Sugiura (aka Masa) has joined Kurasu as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

After his university graduation, Masa gained professional experience in the accounting department of a publicly listed company before making a career transition to Money Forward, a cloud accounting software firm. At Money Forward, he played a pivotal role in the launch of a new business venture, Cloud Accounting Plus. As the product owner, he steered the product from its initial growth phase through to its expansion phase.

Masa's university days were spent in a community centered around coffee shops, where he became captivated by the allure of coffee and the communal bonds it fostered. He had always sought to deepen his involvement with coffee.

With this experience, he took on a freelance work as the product manager for KOHII, a community app business founded by Yozo, the founder of Kurasu in September 2022. His involvement with the coffee industry and the Kurasu team grew from there, leading to his current appointment.

As CFO of Kurasu, Masa will leverage his extensive management knowledge to drive the growth of the team and product. Additionally, he will use his financial expertise to shape the strategic dimensions of Kurasu. Masa is also planning to contribute as a core member of the new project, 2050 Coffee.

We eagerly anticipate building the future of Kurasu alongside Masa and hope you will join us in looking forward to the contributions of our new CFO, Masa!

CEO Yozo Otsuki
COO Ayaka Oki