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COFFEE POST (Saitama): 2024 May #KurasuPartnerRoaster

COFFEE POST from Saitama is this month’s #KurasuPartnerRoaster. Their hometown, Kawagoe, is known for its historical architecture and cultural heritage dating back to its heyday in Edo era as a castle town. But old isn’t the only thing that the local community embraces- there is a growing specialty coffee community bringing people together.

The owner and the roaster, Kawashima-san, named his shop COFFEE POST with a vision to be a hub and a catalyst to link people just like post boxes across town, but over a cup of coffee. Originally from Iwaki, Fukushima, Kawashima-san grew up by his father running a coffee beans shop. Although coffee was part of his life from a young age, he did not join the industry until after graduation and his first job at the age of 23.

In 2018, Kawashima-san started COFFEE POST with no prior experience and one cargo bike- “I did not have anything, money-wise and experience-wise. I have never roasted coffee before nor worked at a cafe. I could keep on trying all thanks to the warm support the people of Kawagoe has given us”, he reflects. Seeing Kawashima-san and his business partner working hard, the locals would help them secure the parking space for them to open the cargo bike stall, sharing tips on coffee, encouraging them and their business to take roots and grow. After a year, COFFEE POST opened their first brick and mortar shop in Honkawagoe, and 4 years after that they opened their own roastery in Kubomachi.

“At first we were supplying coffee from my father who is a coffee roaster, but since the pandemic we decided to roast our own coffee”, Kawashima-san explains- he roasts their coffee with 1997 Probat L5, making a sweet, smooth coffee with a beautiful acidity, an embodiment of their friendly and warm personalities that fit right into people’s everyday lives.

Kawashima-san describes that the people of Kawagoe love and are proud of their hometown, and they make a vibrant community. “Kawagoe matsuri festival is a good example- the people here communicate, interact, and that’s what inspired us to start our coffee journey here. I want to make Kawagoe a place where people can enjoy good coffee anytime”, Kawashima-san smiles- COFFEE POST will surely continue to be a great asset to the community, bringing everyone together through coffee.