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Cupping session with Toshiyuki Ishiwata / Market Lane Coffee - Photo Report

Here's a photo report from the exciting public cupping session we had with Toshiyuki Ishiwata (Toshi-san) from Market Lane Coffee in last week.

It was a full-house (thank you!), and it was indeed a great opportunity to experience superb coffee from Market Lane Coffee with their head roaster and quality control manager's guidance.

4 kinds of coffee was prepared for blind cupping, which helped us to get rid of all the initial idea about the production process/country and varietals etc, and let us enjoy the coffee solely based on the flavour. Toshi-san has been establishing the relationship with coffee farms in Brazil and it was a rare opportunity to hear about his story and to do a very informaive Q&A session.

About Toshiyuki Ishiwata

Toshi-san is a awards winning roaster/barista, born in Kanagawa, Japan, in 1977.He moved to Australia in 2005, where he established his career in coffee business working at St.Ali as a barista, and as a head roaster and a quality control manager at Market Lane Coffee since 2009. 

Market Lane Coffee is one of the top cafes leading specialty coffee scene in Melbourne (https://marketlane.com.au/)

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オーストラリアのコーヒーカルチャーを牽引するメルボルンのスペシャルティーコーヒーロースター・カフェのMarket Lane Coffee (https://marketlane.com.au/)

そのMarket Laneでクオリティーコントロール(品質管理)とヘッドロースターを務められている石渡俊行さんをKurasu Kyotoにお招きし、Market Laneのコーヒーカッピングを行うイベントを開催しました。


メルボルンを代表するロースタリーでヘッドロースターを務められ、近年ではブラジルなどの農園でMarket Laneの生豆の仕入れに携わっておられる石渡さんからしか聞けないような焙煎のお話や、コーヒーの産地・生産者のお話も聞くことができ、参加者の方からの質問も絶えず非常に多くのことを学ぶ機会になりました。


地元レストランなどを経てサウス・メルボルンのカフェ『St. Ali』
でバリスタを、また09年より『Market Lane Coffee』でヘッド・



Photos: Nattapong Tienprasertkij