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    How to brew with Kalita Wave by Kurasu Kyoto

    • 1 min read

    Here's our brew guide for the Kalita Wave.

    We love this flat bottom dripper for the consistent cup it produces.


    Coffee: 13g
    Water: 200g
    90c ~91c (194F)
    40g water
    40sec bloom
    Pour up to 100g
    1 min 10 sec
    Pour up to 150g
    1 min 40 sec
    Pour up to 200g

    Dripper: Kalita Wave Hasami Porcelain Dripper 155
    Kettle: Kinto Pour Over Kettle
    Server: Torch Coffee Server Pitchii
    Grinder: Hario Coffee Mill Smart G
    Hario Mobile Mobile Mill STICK