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New Kurasu Coffee Subscription now avilable

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Due to popular demand, we'll finally starting our own coffee subscription service from this month. 

We've continued our popular Partner Roaster Subscription for 2015, reaching to customers all over Japan and globally. Through the 3 months during the COVID crisis, we had to pause our subscription due to limited movement and restriction working with our partner roasters from around Japan to tell their stories. 

In turn, we sent out coffee roasted by us in our Fushimi Inari cafe roastery. This experience really opened our eyes to the reach our coffee potentially had, and the amazing feedback we received from countless subscribers made us want to continue on this path.

As we have finally been able to resume our Partner Roaster Subscription, we wanted our members to have the option to receive coffee monthly from us as well.

So what's the difference? Why choose one subscription over the other? 

We continue to be extremely passionate about our Partner Roaster Subscription, and feel that this tells the stories of the amazing roasters from around Japan, and is a sensory experience as the coffee each month is selected by each roaster. Whether it be light or dark roasted, rare variety, or a more popular lot, roasted on a Fuji Royal or Loring, each selection really gives characteristics of roasters.

For our subscription, we really want to maximize the quality and value for our members, trying to send you our best micro lots each month, roasted with consistency on our Giesen W6A. If you're a fan of our coffee, you won't be disappointed. Hope you'll be positively surprised by what we have to offer and want you coming back for more.

To kick off this new program - we're offering a 20% off discount code to your first order. This offer ends on  Sept 20 11:59PM JST, so be sure to subscribe while you have the chance!

Thanks so much for your continued support.