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Kurasu Kyoto 2nd anniversary event photo report

Kurasu Kyoto opened back in August 2016. August has been a special month for us ever since- and this August we celebrated our 2nd anniversary thanks to all the support we have been given by wonderful people in Kyoto, many places in Japan and all over the world!

We have received so many congratulations via emails and social media, and the anniversary event we hosted at the cafe was very successful too, celebrating this special time with our fellow coffee lovers.

We collaborated with our past #KurasuPartnerRoasters and served their coffee, one roaster a day- many people visited to enjoy their favorite roaster, and it was such a touching moment when we felt like we could contribute to build a wonderful connection between customers and the great roasters from all over Japan through our subscription service. 

The anniversary day was a BIG PARTY DAY! Our baristas, Tsubasa and Keisuke dressed up in Yukata shaking away their coffee cocktails, Ayaka was busy running La Marzocco with a 200% smile, Misako served her special mushroom burger- the cafe was just full of smiles and laughter.  So many people visited to celebrate with us, and the party even went on outside of the cafe!

Here are some of the photos from the day - thank you so so much again for everyone who has made Kurasu Kyoto possible, and letting us stand where we are now. Our exciting third year is hitting the ground running as we will soon be opening our own roaster and releasing many more original merch. We hope that everyone's next 365 days will be filled with so much joy and great coffee!