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Kurasu Kyoto 8/11 Open!

After a 2 month build, we finally opened our doors to the public on August 11 2016.

Kurasu Kyoto is a new type of specialty coffee shop situation just 5 minutes away from Kyoto Station. We offer coffee from featured specialty coffee roasters from all over Japan and the world. 


Kurasu started in 2014 as an online store selling made in Japan quality coffee equipments and has now grown to have a social presence of over 25,000 Instagram followers and 9,500 Facebook likes

Kurasu Kyoto will operate as a cafe and gallery for our product range as well. Hard to find items such as the Kalita Wave Tsubame or Takahiro Shizuku kettle are featured here, and open for you to test out. 

Our featured roaster for espresso based drinks will be Single O Japan's Reservoir Blend.

Beautiful Kinto artisan mugs used for our eat in customers are available for purchase in store as well.

We're using Taoca coffee roasters's Ethiopia Yirgacheffee for our cold brew. Enjoy the fruity and clean flavors from 15 hours of extraction on a hot summer day. 





552 Higashiaburano-koji cho
Kyoto, Japan



e-mail: hello@kurasu.kyoto

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kurasu.kyoto

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kurasu.kyoto/