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Kurasu Kyoto event report: Latte workshop with Ayaka and Tsubasa

We have been regularly hosting latte workshops at Kurasu Kyoto since last year, and we just had another one this month! 

At our workshop, attendants can have the full experience of a latte making process from making an espresso with La Marzocco espresso machine, to steaming the milk and make a lovely cup of latte. 

This time, 6 of our regular customers joined us, and we had such a lovely time!  

We talked about the difference between latte and cappuccino, what makes espresso, and whys and hows behind that little heart mark on lattes.  

We also shared our recipe and tips, and discussed our house roast to enjoy coffee even more. After going through the basics, it is time to make a latte! 

We had three attendants who have joined our workshop before, and three attendants who are new to latte-making. Each group enjoyed making progress at their own pace.

After two hours of intense training, we made our final cup- look how pretty they are!


Well done everyone, they all look so tasty! 



Thank you so much everyone for this wonderful time- it was super!

We have many exciting events coming up- guest barista, workshop, new signature drink- make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the news :)

Looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto!