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Kurasu Kyoto is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary this week!

TIME FLIES guys!!! We are feeling so excited and blessed to be able to celebrate yet another anniversary for our flagship cafe, Kurasu Kyoto with our precious Kurasu family all over the world. 

Since opening up our first brick and mortar shop in Kyoto back in August 11th 2016, every single day has been absolutely phenomenal- we have been so lucky to meet coffee lovers from all over the world and to have wonderful conversations with them. We could establish a wonderful local and global community through coffee- we are also blessed with such talented baristas who are all passionate about coffee and enjoy providing a great time and experience to the people who visit us. 

This week, we will be featuring the partner roasters from our 3rd year, serving their coffee at Kurasu Kyoto, and we are planning many more exciting events here in Kyoto including the anniversary party!

Please do drop by if you are in the area, and even if you are not in Kyoto, celebration is always in a good cup of coffee ;)

<Featuring schedule>

*it may change without notice depending on the situation.

8/6 Single O Japan

8/7 Suiren+

8/8 Onibus Coffee

8/9 Rokumei coffee

8/10 Takamura Coffee Roasters

8/11 Kurasu

We will be serving their coffee and serve 15 cups for free every day! Please drop by to taste their uniquely delicious coffee and enjoy it with us :)

8:00~   We will serve first 5 cups for free

12:00~ first 5 cups for free

16:00~  first 5 cups for free

On the anniversary day (August 11th), we will be hosting a party (free entry) from 18:30 !
Enjoy coffee cocktails, beer, good coffee and food with us :)

<Opening Hours>
8/11  Kurasu Kyoto 8:00-18:00, Fushimi Inari 8:00-17:00
anniversary party 18:30~21:30 (21:15 LO)
* Please note that we will close the shop between 6pm and 6:30pm for the party preparation. We can't have you wait in the shop, sorry!

We hope this event week to be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to cherish the memory of these 3 years and motivate us even more to make the future even brighter. We are so excited and looking forward to sharing our journey with you! 

Check out our anniversary items here!

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