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Kurasu Lab: Exploring AeroPress

Hi everyone, it’s Ayaka.

For this article, I’d like to explore one of our favorite brewing kits, AeroPress

AeroPress was invented by an outdoor brand, AEROBIE in 2005. Although it is a relatively new face in the coffee industry, it has quickly become one of the most sought-after brewing equipment, holding its own world and local championships. 

How it works looks simple enough, but actually it allows so much for the creative minds to play, and it has been loved by so many. 

Previously, we introduced our AeroPress recipe but with an “inverted” method, which we use the AeroPress upside down. 

While the inverted method is a favorite of many world champions, personally the idea of using the gear completely upside down freaked me out at first- I was so afraid that it would leak everywhere and make a total mess, and that scared me away from trying using AeroPress altogether. 

This time, I introduce a beginner-friendly, standard AeroPress recipe in upright position. 

I hope this recipe will give you some tips and become a good opportunity to take the AeroPress out from your shelf and give it a go.  

<Our AeroPress Recipe>

Coffee: 13g, Medium grind (Filter + 2 clicks on Wilfa aroma) 

Hot water: 200g, 88℃

*This is an upright recipe. 

0:00 Pour 50g of hot water (over about 10 seconds.)

0:40 Pour 150g of hot water in 10-15 seconds

1:45 Press on! (in about 20-30 seconds)

Total brewing time: Around 2 min


This is what a 12g of medium grind coffee looks like. 

Rinse the paper filter with hot water in advance. 


On a scale, put a mug or a sturdy server, and set the AeroPress. 

Use the funnel that comes with AeroPress to put the coffee grind in the chamber. (By the way, this funnel is so useful and I use it for all kinds of things!)

Start the timer, pour 50g of hot water taking about 10 seconds, and give it a gentle but quick stir with the paddle for about 5 times. 



Then, set the plunger and make the chamber air-tight. 

*Pushing it in at an angle like this makes things easier. 



After 40 seconds, take the plunger off, and pour 150g of hot water within 10-15 seconds. You’ll need to pour relatively quickly to finish pouring within 15 seconds. Put the plunger back in as soon as you finish pouring. 


Once the timer hits 1:45, move everything off of the scale, and press the plunger straight down slowly, taking about 20-30 seconds. 

Do not press all the way down- stop pressing right before you start hearing the air hissing noise. This way, you’ll get a clearer cup without squeezing unwanted flavor out. 

This recipe may come across tricky if you are not familiar with the gear yet, but it’s totally worth the practice.  

It uses about the same amount of coffee as pour over, so no pressure, just try switching your regular V60 to this AeroPress brew once in a while and enjoy the change :) 

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the fun and exciting difference between different coffee brewing equipment to discover more about the enchanting world of coffee. If you happen to have an AeroPress lying around in your house, give this recipe a go! 

Happy brewing :)



AeroPress isn’t just for a regular pressed coffee- it can make iced coffee, latte, and with different recipes and attachments, the sky is the limit! 

Start your journey of creative brewing, and please share your favorite recipes with us! 

Until next time,





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