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Aeropress Brewing Guide

Aeropress is one of our most favorite manual brewing methods, as it has potential to produce juicy flavor compared to regular paper filter pourover, and smoother and rounder texture compared to a French press.

The principle of Aeropress is that it is a hybrid of immersion dripper (method used for cupping and French press) and filter brewing (regular pourover). HARIO Immersion Dripper Switch and CLEVER Dripper are also categorized as this hybrid brewer, but what makes Aeropress different is that you can press the coffee to include a pressure in the process. 

By being able to press the coffee, Aeropress gives you a great flexibility in brewing different type of recipes.

Usually, if you use finely ground coffee with HARIO Switch and CLEVER, the coffee soon starts to clog and it takes a long time to brew- which is not really an ideal thing since all the negative flavor comes out at the second half of the brewing process.

On the other hand with Aeropress, you can easily control the brewing time by simply adjusting how strongly you press it down- brewing finely ground, strong coffee in a very short period of time is possible if you use Aeropress. And thanks to this flexibility, Aeropress allows us to enjoy brewing with such a wide variety of recipes.

However, there is one thing we want to keep in mind- since Aeropress can press so much out of coffee, if you overdo it by squeezing to the last drop, you may end up with a little clouded, bitter coffee that is lacking a bit of clarity.

Here's our basic recipe for the inverted method at Kurasu.
Hot water: 200g, 91℃
Total brewing time: 1:25~1:30
Grind size: medium-fine grind (+4~5 clicks right of the "Filter" point, or 1-2 clicks left of "Aeropress" of Wilfa Aroma) 
Set water temp to 91c (196F)
Rinse out the aeropress paper filter with hot water.

Set grounds into aeropress chamber.
Pour 200g of hot water as quickly as possible in one go, saturating all the coffee grounds. 

Stir 3 times, and wait for 1 minute.

After waiting 1 minute, stir 3 more times, and set the rinsed paper filter and the cap on the aeropress.

Flip and set on a server, press slowly, taking about 20-25 seconds.

We make sure not to press all the way down. This way it leaves out the muddied, unpleasant flavors and you can get a cleaner final cup, which is what we really expect in a aeropress brewed coffee.

The great thing about Aeropress is its reliable results while being so flexible at the same time- for a beginner it is a fuss-free, fun way of brewing a promisingly great cup, but for experts, it has so much possibilities open to so many variation of methods and recipe, as proven at the super exciting annual championships.
Aeropress has been capturing many many hearts of coffee lovers since 2005- and we love it for its inclusiveness and flexibility. 
How do you find the Aeropress? Do you go with the regular or inverted method? Do you like doing it in any other particular ways? Anything you would like us to experiment on?

Let us know in the comments below.