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Kurasu Roaster Stories: Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters / Kyoto

When we started working with roasters from around Japan, we not only wanted to sell the beans, we wanted to tell their stories. Japan has a uniquely robust market of roasters, from 100g in-house to shops churning out hundreds of kilos weekly. To us, they are not better then the other - each one unique, compelling, and captivating. We thought what better way to chronicle our connections through video. It's the closest way to feel like you're in the shop, chatting with these roasters and we didn't see anyone doing this for Japanese roasters.

For our first video, we've collaborated with Nakamura san of Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters in Kyoto. We've had huge respect to these locally beloved roasters, from their approach of micro roasting, connecting with the community, striking the balance between specialty coffee and local tastes, and also their way of lifestyle.

Hear their stories through their voices.

Oyamazaki Coffee Roasters

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