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Kurasu VLOG — ANY B&B + COFFEE(Nara) Interview with Yutaro san

Our partner roaster for October is ANY B&B + COFFEE located in Nara, Japan.

ANY B&B + COFFEE is a specialty coffee roaster and a B&B. Conveniently located for sightseeing in Nara, the cafe provides a space where locals and travelers have their paths crossed, leading to stories and new ideas flourish through the encounters. The owner, Yutaro-san, was trained as a barista and a roaster in Melbourne, and plays a leading role in Nara's coffee culture. At ANY B&B + COFFEE you will be able to enjoy specialty coffee and culture from various angles, through from workshops and shared roaster to events and exhibitions hosted in collaboration with local and global designers at the cafe. Coffee Subscription:https://www.kurasu.kyoto/subscription