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Kurasu VLOG -- Our new cold brew blend "Natsuake"

We’re excited to share with you our new cold brew blend “Natsuake” perfect for the hot summer. 
It has an amazing body, rich fruity flavors, winey, and long lasting sweetness. Hope you can enjoy at home.

65% Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu Natural
35% Kenya Jua Neema Washed

Flavor note: Floral, Currant, Grape, Orange tart

We currently have “Natsuake” in whole beans and Cold brew coffee bags.

1 : 12.5 Coffee to Room Temperature Water ratio
Grind size: similar to filter coffee or coarser 
Extraction time: 15 hrs (12-24 hours depending on preference)

Watch Yozo's video explaining our new blend and extraction method.