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Make your own Matcha green tea latte at home

Hi everyone! It's Ayaka. 

It's been a while since I last wrote to you and I'm very excited and a little nervous!  

This time, I would like to share my recipe we use at Kurasu to make "Matcha" green tea latte. We hope it will help you with enjoying green tea at home. Making green tea is also a great hobby to enjoy at home- check it out! 

First of all I will share a little bit about our new green tea selection, "KURASU TEA by YUGEN".  It's our sub-brand made in collaboration with Kyoto's Japanese Tea supplier, YUGEN with a mission to deliver an authentic, high-quality green tea for all people who enjoy green tea and tea time in general, all over the world. 

At KURASU TEA by YUGEN we value the traceability on our source and quality of supply, therefore all of the green tea we introduce are directly sourced, which results in the reasonable pricing too. 

We are so excited to be able to delivery such wonderful products to all of you, and we hope you are too! 


As a barista, I've been so lucky to see the happy faces of our customers enjoying green tea latte, and my family love it too- I lost count how many cups I made by now! It's such a great joy to make someone happy with the drink you make- isn't it? :) 

Today, I will share this much loved green tea latte recipe with photos and my comments. Enjoy!  


◆Equipment & Ingredients

・Matcha powder (This time I used Uraha Blend.)

Chasen Tea Whisk

・Tea Bowl

・Hot Water(85℃)

・Warm/cold milk 150ml (Can be replaced with Soy milk or Oat milk)

・Sugar or honey to taste



  1. Place 2.5g matcha into a small bowl. If you are using a Chashaku, tea measuring spoon, it is about 1.5 scoop. 
    (Using a tea strainer helps to remove lumps) 
  2. Warm up the milk. I microwaved the milk for a minute and a half. Using milk pan would be nice too.
  3. Pour 60ml of hot water into the bowl, and gently mix matcha with water, gradually increasing the speed. Do not overwork it as it may damage the whisk.


4. Pour warm milk into the green tea, and it's ready to serve. 



It seems that we are spending more time at home for another while, and I hope this recipe helps you trying something fun and new, enjoying tasty green tea latte!

*At our cafes, we serve our Matcha green tea latte with OKUMIDORI, and roasted green tea latte with Hojicha powder