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Misako’s recipe: Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper- how we do it at Kurasu

 It is always a great pleasure to introduce beautiful Japanese product to the world and Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper is definitely a hidden gem that worth the fame. The manufacturer, Yamanaka-shikki lacquerware originated in the Ishikawa prefecture of Japan, and the methods themselves have been used since the 18th century.

Pieces are carved one-by-one by skilled artisans, masters of turning the lathe and carefully applying the blade to manipulate and shape the wood. This brilliant and time-honored craftsmanship allows the Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper to easily withstand hot water; Intricately-carved latitudinal ribs contain the water within the dripper for the perfect amount of time, extracting all of the nuanced flavors and aromas from the coffee within.

Today, our barista Misako shares our original recipe for this special dripper with you- enjoy brewing and please let us know what you think!😊


You need:

- Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper

- Paper filter (cone shaped. You can use Hario/Kono 01 size filter)

- Coffee grind 14g (You can reduce/add 1g depending on your preference in strength), Medium grind (EK #8.3)

- 200g of hot water (88-93)

- Server

  1. Set the paper filter in Yasukiyo Wooden Dripper and rinse it to remove any papery flavor.
  2. Put the coffee grind and pour 30g of water. Wait for 30 seconds and give it a light stir with a spoon.
  3. Pour up to 100g in a circular motion starting from the center of the dripper and spiral out. Wait for another 30 seconds.
  4. Pour up to 200g and you should be finish pouring between 2:00-2:10.



TDS: 1.26%

Brewing time: 2:10

This dripper drips slightly slower than other drippers (ex. 20 seconds slower compared to Hario V60 with the same recipe)- as the latitudinal ribs keeps the water flow consistent, which produces more concentrated liquid full of rich aroma. For this recipe, Misako used Rwandan natural, grinding it slightly coarser to create a smooth cup.

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