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For Your Office, and for Your Home- The Japanese Market Welcomes the First Ever Specialty Coffee Capsule Machine

For Busy Mornings

You are about to start your usual, busy day- but first, a good cup of coffee is needed to start your "engine". It's not just for the sake of caffeine to wake yourself up, but you want it to be tasty, too. 

But you just simply don't have time for a full pourover session. "You can always make time if you want to", they say, but making time out of already a packed schedule itself can be a stressful business. 

This specialty coffee pods, though, may be the modern answer to the modern problem.

With this, a mind and body nourishing cup is just a couple of taps away- and we love it for that.

A Proper, No-compromise Cup Delivered by Morning

At Kurasu we are making 3 types of capsules- our house blend, single origin, and a decaf. They are all compatible with Nespresso machine, but for more specialty-grade experience we heartily recommend  The Monrnig Machine (Japanese model) sold by Kigu.

Unlike other commercial coffee capsule machines, Morning gives the coffee a proper blooming process.  

Blooming is one of the most important processes of brewing coffee- by wetting the coffee ground and leave them to "bloom", the solubles in coffee that gives the cup a wonderful aroma and flavors get extracted fully. 

Morning machine comes with an app, and you can even tweak and input a recipe designed by the roasters specifically for the coffee you are about to enjoy. On top of all the instant goodness and easy UI regular coffee capsule machines provide, Morning machine makes an even better results that's worthy of specialty coffee capsules.

More detailed information can be found on Kigu's YouTube video (Japanese). 



How to Best Enjoy Kurasu's Coffee Capsules on Morning Machine

Here are some recipes roasting team recommends after vigorous testing:


This preset makes a great cup with a strong aroma and rich flavors- perfect for a quick coffee break. 

Long Black

・Brew with "Short", and add 40ml-50ml of hot water.

This makes the cup a little lighter, a perfect pick-me-up after a long meeting or during your work time. 

Short with Milk (ICED)

Brew with "Short", and add 30ml-50ml of milk. (Adjust the amount of milk to you liking)

A quick but luxe cafe au lait. The combo of sweet milk and mild coffee flavor makes this cup a great afternoon comfort drink. 

Morning machine provides good of both worlds- the quick, easy to brew cup that tastes great. If you are in Japan, check out  The Monrnig Machine on Kigu's website. If you are not in Japan, do try our capsules out, or check if there is a localized model of Morning machine for where you live.


P.S. Always make sure to check the compatibility with your local power outlet setup! Here are some links.

Singapore: https://www.drinkmorning.com/collections/machines

EU: https://eu.drinkmorning.com/collections/machines