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Nel drip recipe for light roast coffee

We're trying out something new and exciting; brewing light roast coffee with nel drip filter. 

Check out our new nel filter and coffee pot, and our special recipe below!
*Each product is handmade and stocks are limited. We appreciate your understanding in advance. 

What is nel filter?

Coffee brewed with nel filter is known for its rich body and sweetness from coffee oils. This explains why nel drip is praised as the ultimate hand drip method.

However, we often associate nel drip with dark roast coffee. In Japan, you see kissaten coffee shop "masters" (common reference for kissaten owners) carefully brewing dark roast coffee that swells up in volume. 

Our talented head barista Tsubasa took on the challenge of producing a delicious cup of light roast coffee with nel filter. He run over 50 tests to get a sweet coffee with rich texture. Check it out!

Beans we recommend

From our current line-up, we recommend trying out the recipe with Ethiopia Haloberiti and Indonesia Frinsa Collective. 

While maintaining the delicate flavours, you will find that coffee gains beautiful syrupy texture when brewed with nel filter. 

Let's brew! -Recipe for single serve-

Here are the things you need:

Coffee - 13g
Hot water - 208g (92C)
Grind size - Slightly finer than filter grind. 


Rinse nel filter with hot water. Squeeze tight once cooled and additionally remove moisture with clean towel. 
*Don't hurt yourself with hot water!

Set 208g of hot water inside the kettle. 


0:00- start timer. 

Pour hot water over the entire coffee bed in circular motion. Pour carefully for coffee to drip-drop down into the server. 

If you want to be more precise, weigh to add water of 1.5-2 times the amount of coffee grounds. 


Pour hot water over the entire coffee bed in circular motion. 
This time, pour until coffee steadily drips down into the server. Then, switch to centre-pour and maintain an even level of coffee bed. 


Stop pouring hot water.

Don't worry if you still have some water left in the kettle - you will find out why in the next step!


Once coffee drips down, extraction is complete. 
Lastly, adjust the taste and concentration of coffee with remaining hot water in the kettle. Pour little by little until you find the taste that suits your palate!

Some extra tips

Q. What if my coffee is too strong? 

A. If you still find coffee too strong after adding extra water at the end, make the grind size more coarse, lower the water temperature and adjust pouring speed. 

Q. How can I make 2 cups of coffee?

A. The flow rate (the speed coffee drips down) is quite fast, so simply double the amount of water and coffee to keep the same ratio (1:16). 

How was it? We hope you enjoy brewing with nel filter! 

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