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Daibo Flannel "Nel" Dripper

Daibo Coffee Shop and Azmaya, a company producing Japanese traditional crafts, tableware, and daily goods, collaborate to put together a beautiful and practical coffee pot and nel filter. For 38 years, many coffee lovers gathered at Daibo Coffee Shop, famous for the master's legendary nel drip technique.

Nel filter allows coffee oil to pass through which is the key to producing a mellow, rich coffee. You will find sufficient body in coffee produced with nel drip, and some praise nel drip as the "ultimate extraction method. "Each nel filter is hand-made with soft nel and wood. Feel the warmth of wooden grip as you take a finely crafted nel filter in hand.

With coffee pot and nel filter produced under collaboration of Daibo Coffee Shop and Azmaya, you're settled with a classic kissaten coffee shop of your own. Set coffee grounds inside the nel filter and gently pour hot water over it to experience a moment of peace in your daily life.

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Product Details

Size:L194, W85mm
Material: Cotton, oak

Made in Japan

This product uses natural wood. Do not leave it wet or put next to heat in order to avoid cracks and molds.

Before usage:
Remove wooden holder. Wash with hot water and remove moisture by squeezing tightly and using clean towel.

After usage:
Remove wooden holder. Dispose coffee grounds and wash filter with hot water. Do not use detergent.

- After following "before usage," leave it to dry.
- For short storage, set the nel filter inside a container filled with water and keep it cool inside refrigerator. Change water 1-2 times a day. Make sure to remove wooden holder and keep it stored separately.
- Store in the freezer if you do not plan to use it for a long time. Make sure to remove wooden holder and keep it stored separately.

*Change nel filter itself when you start to notice slow flow rate and distinct stains. 

About Azmaya

Ever since its founding in 1997, Azmaya (東屋) has collaborated with many Japanese artisans with the mission to produce a healthy production cycle and quality daily goods to enrich people's lives.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael W.
Beautiful coffee maker

Love this handle, but I do not see any listing for the replacement of the cloth filter?

Callum S.

Beautiful item, looking forward to brewing darker roasts with this. Thank you Kurasu!