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Two cups of flavorful coffee in just a push: Hario Immersion Dripper Switch 360

Great news for all home/office baristas - Hario Immersion Dripper Switch 360 is here! You can now make two cups of delicious coffee in just two minutes and a push.

The new 360 model can produce up to 360cc of delicious coffee in simple steps. Add 36g of coffee and 440cc of hot water into the dripper and wait for two minutes.  Once the timer strikes, push down the switch and your coffee is ready to go. 

Manually brewing many serves of coffee at family gatherings, office and events is often time consuming and leaves you with painful arms. With this new switch dripper, you can serve flavorful coffee to your friends and family faster and with consistency. 

By immersing coffee in hot water for two minutes, the rich flavors of coffee will dissolve into water to produce delicious coffee. No techniques required, you can instead enjoy conversations with the people around you as wait for the quick two minutes to pass by. A fail-proof dripper that you can rely on when you're in a hurry or need to brew many serves.

"I always get a little anxious when brewing coffee for multiple guests in the office. I don't want to mess up and keep them waiting for a coffee that doesn't taste so good. With this dripper, I feel more confident preparing multiple serves and can now enjoy having small chats with the guests as I prepare their coffee." - Nao, Kurasu Marketing Officer. 

The dripper comes with paper filters so you can get started right away as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. As explained in our blog post, there are in fact many ways to enjoy brewing with this dripper, from single-pour to filter brew and hybrid methods. Let’s get brewing!

Check out the newest Hario Immersion Dripper Switch 360 now and start brewing!