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Welcome to Kurasu Ebisugawa: Find your coffee and brew gears!

Hi everyone! This is Risa, barista at Kurasu. I don't think I've introduced myself in blog posts yet, so here's a bit about myself. 

I mainly work in Kurasu Ebisugawa and occasionally helping out in Kyoto Stand

I joined the team in September 2021, and before that I lived in Germany for 5 years. I worked as a barista for 2 years in a local cafe. Prior to moving to Germany, I was working in the fashion industry. I may not be a super experienced barista, but I am a coffee-lover for sure!

Other than coffee, I love house plants, flowers, interior accessories, candles, nature, organic products and snowboarding. There are so many things I love that I can't put them all down...These days I enjoy watching movies with a cup of coffee at home.

So that's enough talk on who I am. 

Let me introduce you to Kurasu Ebisugawa. 

Cafe or a brew gear store? 

We are a cafe with probably the largest line-up of brew gears in Japan. 

 Located on Ebisugawa Street, Kurasu Ebisugawa stands out with its cream-coloured wall and big glass door with wooden frames. The stylish design was done by everedge, a creative studio based in Kyoto. I love the aesthetic look, too!

Once you walk in, you will find a big counter and shelves full of coffee beans and brew gears. Take a seat and enjoy your coffee as you  check out the coffee beans and brew gears. If there's something you like, you can take it home with you to brew at home.

Our aim is to support our customers' home brew needs; feel free take a look at various brew gears that we display on the shelves and ask us any questions. 

I love brew gears, but when it comes to actually making a purchase, I prefer to check out the details in real life such as kettle spouts and burrs of grinders. I want to make sure I will be happy with what I get, especially when I'm shopping for expensive gears. Here at Kurasu Ebisugawa, you can see, touch and even try using one before you decide to take it home with you.

No espresso machine -How do we serve our lattes?

Some of you may have noticed already, but you will not find an espresso machine in our cafe. But if you take a look at our menu, cafe latte is there. 

Then how do we make lattes?

We pull a rich shot of espresso using AeroPress and Fellow Prismo Attachment. Then, we use a home milk steamer to prepare a smooth, silky steamed milk. The two put together makes a mild and creamy latte that our customers all love as much as we do.

Through our cafe operation, we prove that delicious drinks can be made at home in simple steps. Hopefully we can encourage our customers to try and further improve their home-brews. 

Find your seat and relax 

Ebisugawa Street showcases many home interior stores and is known as the "furniture street" in Kyoto. To make sure we fit in to the street nicely, we have selected simple and stylish tables and couch seats with a touch of warmth. Here's a guide to follow if you can't make up your mind as to where to settle down for a coffee break.

 Personally, I find the counter seat special.  You can watch the barista prepare drinks in front of you and ask them any questions that arise. Feel the fresh air of Kyoto and warm sunshine as you drink you way through your coffee.

 The couch seats with round tables are probably the most popular choice among our customers. Casually sit down for a cup of coffee and some snacks, and check out the shelves full of brew gears and beans.

 Last but not least, the charming wooden table seat. The angled edges make this a unique table, perfect for having a chat with your friends and family or simply sitting back with a book.

More events coming up

As a cafe showcasing various brew gears, we want to share their charm with our customers. 

From December 2021 to February 2022, we held a Flower Dripper Event. We served all pour-over orders using Flower Dripper and altering paper filters depending on the beans. 

Our latest event starting from March 19, 2022 will be on Hario Switch Dripper. After months of experimenting with this dripper and preparation, we've come up with a great and unique recipe to brew a delicious cup of coffee. It won't be a regular single pour recipe...We hope you enjoy!

See you at Kurasu Ebisugawa!

Opened MON-SUN (10am-6pm)