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Brewing with Flower Dripper and CAFEC Filters at Kurasu Ebisugawa

Hi this is Risa from Kurasu! I joined the team last year as a barista. 

As a cafe in Japan with (probably!) the most abundant line-up of home brew products, we're always keen to introduce our customers to various brew gears through special events. From December 2021, we're putting the spotlight on "Flower Dripper" and "CAFEC Filters." We serve our coffee solely with Flower Dripper, making adjustments for each coffee with different paper filters. The exciting event is coming to an end this month, but we'll keep brewing away till the very last day of the event!

Why Flower Dripper and CAFEC Filters?

Flower Dripper gained much attention after Daiki Hatakeyama won 2nd place using the ingenious dripper at World Brewers Cup 2021. The supplier of Flower Dripper, CAFEC, is also known for its variety of paper filters: Conical Paper Filter: Tailored for 3 Roasting Levels and Abaca Coffee Paper Filter. Of course, coming from the same supplier, these filters and Flower Dripper are a perfect match.

We wanted to explore the fascinating features of these products and share our findings with our customers. After rigorous testing of various combinations of our coffee line-up and filters, we found the best filter for each coffee. Here is our current coffee line-up and filters used in Kurasu Ebisugawa. 

ABACA Paper Filter: Achieves desirable water flow to produce a clean cup.

Costa Rica Finca Principe Azul [Light Roast]
Nicaragua Octavio Peralta Paguaga [Light Roast]
Kenya Kegwa AB [Light Roast]

Light Roast Paper Filter: Brings out fruitiness and refreshing acidity.

In consideration

Medium-Dark Roast Paper Filter: Extracts balanced and fragrant coffee with smooth water flow. 

Kenya Kiangundo AB [Dark Roast]
Fuyu Moe : Winter Blend [Dark roast]

Dark Roast Paper Filter: Maximizes body, richness and sweetness. 

Kurasu House Blend Dark [Dark roast]
Mexico El Triunfo Decafe [Medium dark roast]

If you've tried playing around with filters at home, I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

To our newsletter subscribers, last time I tested in January with Nicaragua Octavio Peralta Paguaga, I personally really liked medium-dark roast paper filter, too. But in our cafes we're using ABACA paper filters to bring out sweetness and long aftertaste. It's been such an enjoyable experience sharing ideas and tips on Flower Dripper and CAFEC filters with customers. 

In my opinion, Flower Dripper extracts clean and clear coffee compared to other drippers in general. I would recommend it to coffee-lovers who drink many cups of coffee everyday; you'd never have to worry about getting tired of coffee. 

Soon we will be introducing these new coffee to our pour-over line-up at Kurasu Ebisugawa: 

Ethiopia Haloberiti [Light roast]
Costa Rica Felipe Rodriguez [Light Roast]
El Salvador Ever Leonel Diaz Perez [Light roast]
Ethiopia Sidamo Logita Honey [Light Roast]

I'm now getting ready for our next event, and I can't wait to share details with you soon! In the meantime, I'll cherish the last moments of Flower Dripper and CAFEC Paper Filter event - Come drop by at Kurasu Ebisugawa for last serves if you're around!

If you have any requests for future events, I'd love to hear from you! See you soon at Kurasu Ebisugawa :)