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New Seasonal Blend Aki Urara: A Little Letter from Our Roasting Team

Hi, it's Jongmin from Kurasu roasting team!
The warm autumnal colors are beginning to embrace Kyoto as the season changes- the breeze gets clearer and a little crispier, refreshing and calming.
The long summer is finally over, and on my commute to the Nishijin roastery, the sky is blue and the breeze is cool- I can't help but hum as I stroll.
While it is the most pleasant time of the year, it is also very short- today, let me tell you about our new seasonal blend Aki Urara and why it will make your autumn a bit more special.

Aki Urara 2023 is a blend of the following 3 wonderful coffees:
Kenya Gathaithi AB Washed:50%
Colombia Astrid Medina Colombia FW:30%
Ethiopia Nensebo Natural:20%
We focused on the Kenya's juiciness, and complimented it with the citrusy Colombia and the floral aroma of Ethiopia that create a perfect, long-lasting harmony.

Crimson, mustard, burgundy...just like we call those colorful leaves "Autumn leaves", this seasonal blend embraces unique characteristics from different origins in one harmony.
Each of the coffee is of the top quality, and they can be enjoyed as single origins too- we packed these special coffees into one blend just like filling a basket of bountiful harvest with all the seasonal goodness. 
Just like gradient of the seasons from the lingering summer heat to a chilly autumn rain, enjoy Aki Urara 2023's multi-faceted charm this season.  
Jongmin, Roasting Team