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YouTube: CAFEC's New Flower Dripper: DEEP 27


We're thrilled to bring you an in-depth look into CAFEC's latest innovation: the Flower Dripper, DEEP 27. This isn't your typical dripper; its design stands out, deviating from the traditional 60-degree cone-shaped dripper.

Background on Cafec: Cafec, a brand under the umbrella of Sanyo Sangyo, hails from Oita, Japan. Established in 1973, they've earned their reputation primarily for their top-notch paper filters. Their collaboration with renowned brands like Hario showcases their expertise in the coffee industry. In 2016, leveraging their manufacturing prowess, they launched their own brand, introducing innovative products that have since gained traction in the coffee community.

Deep 27's Unique Features:

  • Design: The Deep 27 boasts a distinct angle, setting it apart from traditional drippers. Its design ensures a consistent flow of water through the coffee bed, resulting in a cleaner, brighter cup.

  • Ease of Use: One of the standout features of the Deep 27 is its user-friendliness. Cafec's design ensures that even beginners can brew a delicious cup with ease.

Comparative Analysis: Yozo doesn't stop at just introducing the Deep 27; he dives into a comparative analysis with the OG Flower dripper. While both have their merits, they yield different cup profiles, even when using the same grind size and brew time.

Brewing with Deep 27: For those looking to experiment, Yozo shares a unique brewing recipe tailored for the Deep 27. Using only 8g of coffee, this method is perfect for those rare, expensive beans, allowing you to savor every drop without using a lot.

A Few Considerations: While the Deep 27 is packed with features, it's essential to note a few quirks. The small opening can make tasks like rinsing the paper filter or adding coffee a bit challenging. Cleaning, too, requires a tad more effort due to its design.

In Conclusion: The Deep 27 dripper by Cafec is undeniably a game-changer in the world of coffee brewing. Its unique design, combined with the ability to extract rich flavors, makes it a must-try for every coffee lover. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned barista, the Deep 27 promises a brewing experience like no other.

For a detailed walkthrough, brewing tips, and a firsthand experience, check out Yozo's video. Dive deep into the world of the Deep 27 and elevate your coffee journey.