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Philocoffea (Chiba ) : 2021 December #KurasuPartnerRoaster










For the grand finale of 2021 we introduce Philocoffea. Philocoffea is co-owned by two leading figures in the Japanese coffee industry, Mr. Tetsu Kasuya, the 2016 WBC World Champion, and Mr. Kaji, the founder of the Funabashi Coffee Town Project.

We interviewed Kasuya-san, who has been showing his radiant presence in many areas of the industry, working as a barista, roaster, championship contestant, coach, consultant and a buyer.

During the interview, Kasuya-san repeatedly mentioned his gratitude towards people around him who support his high-in-demand lifestyle.

“The first thing I did after winning the championship was to start a company. I've always preferred to cooperate, working with others rather than alone. I’m fully aware and very grateful for the fact that only with the support of all the people around me who I fully trust I can continue my adventure and further the influence of the brand. Securing that mutual support system and seeing that as the priority may be something I naturally grew up with being the youngest of the 4 siblings in the house”, he says.











Philocoffea now has four stores including a roastery; all came to fruition through projects aiming to build a community, from a new city development project to a project that promotes high quality coffee to offer more content, richer time to improve the community’s QOL- all in resonance with Kasuya-san’s style of working in harmony.


"I just make coffee that I think tastes good” - the statement sounds simple enough, but to achieve that Kasuya-san always makes sure to stay active at the forefront of the industry, attending global championships and auctions to capture the trend first hand. “The trust you put in your coffee needs to start from the green beans. Select well, buy well and roast well- prioritise the result at all times, it doesn’t have to follow the same roasting profile or theory everytime as long as you bring the best out of the coffee.

‘Taste first’ I always say. Make your coffee taste good, that’s all that matters,” says Kasuya-san.











Philocoffea is now taking another step forward and producing coffee with a process they designed- called “world champion series ‘Tomodachi (means friends in Japanese)’”, the production is taking place in Ethiopia. “Through promoting ‘Tomodachi’ , we are hoping to make friends world-wide, and combined with the fame and influence I earned from the WBC championship, I hope we can contribute to a farer, better environment for coffee producers including their financial situation, and help the industry to be a more peaceful and better place”, Kasuya-san explains.

His love and passion for coffee and the industry will surely make Philocoffea and his journey with it very valuable to advance this global phenomenon of coffee towards betterment- congratulations to everyone, we are so happy to share this opportunity to taste their exquisite coffee to wrap up the another chaotic year with at least something very nice.

We wish you all a happy new year, and may a good cup of coffee be always in your hands.