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Report: About Our Support for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Damage in 2024

Thank you so much sincerely for kindly joining our campaign to support Noto.

The damage caused by the earthquake is quite devastating, and we pray from the bottom of our hearts for the people evacuating in this severe winter weather.

This is to report to you that, as we announced last week, we raised a charity campaign to support Noto, by donating all the sales made by our coffee taps and 20% of the coffee beans sales online- the total amount reached 156,333yen.

The fund will be donated to Noto via  Ishikawa Prefecture Disaster Relief Fund Distribution Committee.


For details on where we donate to, please refer to the following website.

 Ishikawa Prefecture Disaster Relief Distribution Committee (Japanese)

We truly hope that those who are affected by this disaster stay safe and warm, and will be able to rebuild their daily lives as soon as possible. Thank you so much once again for your kind contributions.