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Style coffee (Kyoto): 2021 October #KurasuPartnerRoaster

The #KurasuPartnerRoaster for this month is Style coffee, a rising star in Kyoto gaining popularity steadily since its opening in 2019.

The owner, Kurosu-san started his journey in the coffee industry in Kanto area when he joined a coffee shop to be trained. After a few years of training he lived in Melbourne for 3 years- an incredible time, as he recalls, full of learnings and experiences on the coffee loving city’s culture and trend.

After he moved back to Japan, Kurosu-san started working at Kyoto’s specialty coffee pioneer, Weekenders Coffee, and gained experiences both in brewing and roasting.

His passion for coffee theories and grasping the essence of things then later led him to be independent- “talking to customers isn't really my strong point”, he says, but his unique approach for coffee, staying true to his love for coffee has been attracting coffee enthusiasts.

Style coffee’s high standard for quality is built on Kurosu-san’s curiosity and constant pursuit of betterment. “When I roast and brew I focus on the coffee’s mouthfeel. I layer the sweetness on the texture while keeping the cup clean”, he explains. His coffee’s perfectly balanced, vibrant flavor appeals to people with all kinds of different tastes and preferences- through his journey he has grasped the essence of coffee- the absolute keys that make a good coffee.

“I’d like to visit coffee farms myself in the future- I'm looking forward to gaining more insight and new perspectives on coffee that surely benefit even deeper understanding of coffee”, Kurosu-san says. Through this interview we discovered so much more about Style coffee and Kurosu-san’s intriguing new approach for coffee. When you visit Kyoto, make sure to add them on to your coffee map and learn more about them!