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Kurasu Kyoto, 1 year anniversary

We can't believe it either but we just celebrated a year since our opening in Kurasu Kyoto. Kuarsu started with a simple concept of introducing not yet known Japanese designs and craftsmanship to the world.

What a progression we’ve had - from starting off with a simple range of homeware, we soon recognised the significance of coffee and how the Japanese coffee culture had impacted the world. We shifted our branding to coffee ware, started a coffee subscription service connecting specialty roasters from all over Japan, and opening up our own brick and mortar where it all started in Kyoto.

Through Kurasu, we have been able to appreciate the significance of coffee and how it connects us, within our community, throughout Japan, and around the world. Our underlining concept of introducing Japanese craftsmanship still strongly lives on, with coffee being underling medium.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank to the roasters, our customers, our friends and family. Here’s to many more journeys through coffee together.