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Tsubasa's Homebrew Recipe

Hello! Im Kurasus barista, Tsubasa.

Today, Im gonna share my current brewing recipe which I use at home. 

I am a lazy person especially at home, so I need a good cup of coffee to keep me motivated.
I used to use Hario Immersion Dripper at home when I was busy.
Recently, I spend more time at home and enjoy brewing with a regular dripper.

Lets get into the recipe!
My homebrew recipe:
[Base recipe]
14g of coffee: 200g of hot water (92℃)
*I will adjust the recipe based on different coffee beans or my mood.

First Pour: At 0s mark, 40g of water, let it bloom for 40s

Second Pour: At 40s mark, pour up to 110g

Third Pour: At 1min 10s mark, pour up to 200g

This brewing process completed between 2min5~15sec.

At home, I dose up coffee beans, grind it coarser, more water for blooming, and let it bloom longer.
It would take a big space to explain the reason why I make those changes.

Oh, I forgot to introduce the equipments I use.
I prefer using glass Hario V60, because it is easier to clean.
For server, I use Pitchii server from TORCH which also used at Kurasu.

Im picky when it comes to kettle, so I chose Fellow electric kettle which is able to set the temperature of water.

One great thing about homebrewing is that you are able to choose your favorite mug to enjoy a cup!
Personally, the collaboration of Issey Miyake and iittala is my fav. I love how perfect the shape and size are.
I would love to hear what mug you guys are enjoying using at home.  

Hope you find my sharing interesting.

We have also shared recipes using different dripper on our YouTube channel and IGTV. Please try them out and share your feedback with us!

If you dont have a thermometer, I have a small tip for you.
Boil 500g of water, and open the lid for 1min 20 sec after boil to let the temperature drop to 92℃. ( Rate of temperature drop of 500ml water is around 0.1℃/s )