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We're back to shooting! Kurasu Youtube Channel

It's been a while since we last uploaded contents on Youtube, but we've got plenty of new videos lined up!

Last week we uploaded two new videos:

"Iced AeroPress Latte - How We Do It At Kurasu"

Ayaka, our General Manager, will guide you through each step on how to make our signature iced latte served at Kurasu Ebisugawa using AeroPress Coffee Maker and Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment. 

Follow the recipe using these two equipment, and you can easily make rich and delicious iced latte at home!

"Kosuke's Coffee Talk: Colombia Maria Ilda Armero Diaz"

In this new series, join Kosuke, our head roaster, for a casual yet informative talk on our coffee beans! First up, assistant roaster Reika will interview Kosuke on CoE #15 Colombia Maria Ilda Armero Diaz. From background information on coffee beans to brew guides, this short video is packed with useful and interesting tips and notes shared by Kosuke. 

A must-see video to upgrade your coffee experience - don't miss out! 

We've got more videos stocked so make sure to subscribe and keep in touch!