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New! Kenya Kegwa AB

Introducing Kenya Kegwa AB to our single-origin line-up!

We're thrilled to welcome this beautiful light roast coffee to our shelves. This Kenyan coffee has subtle sweetness and refreshing notes of muscat juice. Overall a gentle and balanced coffee that will accompany any scene in your daily life. 

We love pairing it with our original matcha terrine served at Kyoto Stand and traditional Japanese confectioneries. How would you like to enjoy this coffee? We'd love to know!

Country Kenya
Process Washed
Region Ngirianbu F.C.S, Kirinyaga
Variety Ruiru 11, SL-28, 32, Batian
Altitude 1504m
Flavor note Floral, Tangerine, Blackcurrant, Muscat
Barista's comment Floral aroma, flavors of tangerine and blackcurrant, refreshing like muscat juice.