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Win Free Coffee! Thank you campaign by Kurasu

Our dedicated fan base of 32K followers on Instagram and 13K likes on Facebook didn’t happen overnight. We’re so grateful for having one of the most passionate and creative coffee lover fan bases on the internet.

That’s why we want to give back.

Starting this month, we will be rewarding posts on Instagram with free specialty coffee roasted in Japan. If you are not on our subscription, it’s a great way to get a taste of what you’ll receive in the mail each month. If you are on our subscription, we won't charge your account and we’ll ship a month’s worth of coffee for free.

There are 2 ways to win:

1. Post a picture of our products you’ve purchased through us on Instagram and tag our account @kurasu.kyoto and use hashtag #kurasugoods

2. Post a picture of coffee you've received through our subscription on Instagram and tag our account @kurasu.kyoto and the featured roaster, use hashtag #kurasucoffee
Winners will be announced at the end of each month.

Thank you so much for your continued support and looking forward to seeing all your beautiful photos!