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Kalita Stainless Steel 155/185 Dripper

Kalita Wave drippers feature a flat-bottomed brew bed for even extraction, and a filter design that reduces contact between the brewing space and the dripper itself.

Used by top specialty cafes around the world and in professional coffee-making competitions, the Kalita Wave allows you to brew your favorite coffee more evenly, which directly contributes to fuller flavor and a more balanced extraction.

サイズ: 155

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Product Details

Size: #155 (H5.7 × Φ10.5cm), #185 (H 6.6 × W11.5 × D13.8cm)
Recommended Filter: Kalita Wave White Paper Filter
Features: -

Made in Japan

*Server used in the images are the Kalita Wave Glass Server G.

Dishwasher safe

About Kalita

Kalita was found in 1958 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. They produce quality drip-based-coffee-making equipments and is well known for their paper filters, drippers, and grinders. Now Kalita has become a household name amoung coffee enthusiasts. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Amazing delivery time. Package well. Thank you so much! :)

Pallop C.
Feel Good

The material, weight, handle every part of this makes me feel good to use it. Even though compared this one to other Kalita I had, I feel like this makes the least delicious cup for me, but it stills has its own way like great for traveling. I still love the fact that it feels great to hold this one when I use it.

Yotam B.D.
Works as expected

It's really easy brewing with Kalita, as it's very hard to get it wrong.

Rafael F.
Works as described

However, among the Kalitas this has the most tendency to clog (w/ filter blocking the holes). Would recommended placing a Flair Pro 2 shower screen or a tea-metal mesh filter beneath the filter


It's fun to use, especially I only brew for myself so this is just enough for me. It makes a balanced brew.