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Guatemala Jalapa Cascara

Tart-sweet and refreshing like plum juice. 

Country of origin: Guatemala
Region: Jalapa
City: Mataquesquintla
Variety: Pache 70%, Catuai 10%, Catisic 5%, Pacas 5%
Natural sugar content: 18%~22% Brix

Size: 150g


This year we're bringing back cascara from Guatemala in finer grind for you to bring out the bright, full flavours nice and fast.
We all love a roasted, aromatic coffee, but little did we know that the outer layer of the coffee cherry was so fruity, sweet, and delicious. With notes of rose hip and plum, rediscover coffee through our cascara tea. Compared to its beans, cascara contains only 1/4 to 1/8 of caffeine and is also rich in polyphenols.

Cascara has long been seen only as a byproduct and has been treated as production waste. By appreciating cascara's juicy deliciousness by drinking it, you can also reduce water pollution and help coffee producer's business even more. Definetly a win-win for everyone!

Farmer's Story

We source our cascara from GOOD COFFEE FARMS, a small-scale producers’ co-op in Guatemala. Their CEO, Mr. Carlos Melen traveled to Japan then moved to Hokkaido, the north end of Japan, and has been establishing a wonderful network between coffee producers in Guatemala and Japanese consumers, to promote a sustainable coffee production.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alternative to coffee

Interesting and everyone should try.

Emilio D.B.
A nice and refreshing discovery

The cascara is really surprising. I did not expect this taste at all. Nothing to do with coffee. Cascara is more like a sweet, herbal tea with flavors of honey, raspberry, apricot and orange. I made it hot and then let it cool in the fridge. I loved it like that. Very refreshing.

John R.
Nothing like I’ve ever tried before

First time trying cascara and it’s nothing like I’ve ever tried before. It’s very sweet. I enjoyed it.

Nora I.ノ.
Perfect, Neither tea or coffee

I love this

A bit light and delicate in flavor.

Had cascara before in Mexico. It had a much stronger flavor than the Kurasu procuration, but the Kurasu cascara is still good. Tastes better cold than hot in my opinion.