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Cascara Tea Recipe : How we do it at Kurasu

Brewing delicious cascara is really quite simple and doesn't require any techniques.

The only adjustments are ratios and duration of brew which you can adjust depending on your flavor palate. The exceptional quality of the does not give astringency or negativity even when steeped for a longer time. 

We are happy to share the recipe of how were doing it in our cafes.

Prep 7.5g of cascara. We'll use 200g of hot water from our hot water dispenser which is usually set to 96C (204F)
Around 1:30 (1:25~1:35) cascara to hot water ratio seems to work best.


Directly pour in hot water into a glass server, stop at 200g.

We'll give some agitation to the cascara, a few vigorous stirs with a spoon. 

Strain cascara after 4 min. We've tested up to 5 min, which gives good flavors but may take a bit took long a loose some temperature, especially in a fast cafe environment. At home up to 5 min is totally fine.


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