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39 Arita Mug

Traditional Ariya-yaki ceramic ware meets practicality. This smooth, beautiful mug can hold up to good 0.5L of your favorite drink, from coffee to tea, to even beer!

Perfect company for a cozy movie night or long day at work when you don't have time to refill your drink often. Uniquely designed with a wide bottom and narrow mouth, this mug enables you to enjoy the rich aroma of the beverage as you lift the mug to your nose.

Color: Pale Sky

Product Details

Size:W70mm × H110mm (500ml)
Material: Arita-yaki ceramic ware

About mug glazing:

You may notice that the mug you receive will have slightly different colour and pattern from the sample photos. The surface glazing develops its own colour pattern as it is fired in the kiln, making each ceramic ware unique.

While many major manufacturers use commercial glazing that enables them to produce uniform outcome, 39 Arita takes pride in using glazing that brings out beautiful colours that give each of their product an uniqueness of its own.

Today, many ceramic ware are discarded due to minor glazing defects that are natural outcomes of klin firing. We appreciate your understanding that these defects have no impact on the functions as a mug, and are in fact proof that each mug is crafted carefully by artisans of 39 Arita.

Microwave safe (under 3 minutes)
Do not apply direct heat
Do not use in the oven
Do not apply strong pressure
Store in a well-ventilated environment

Can be washed with neutral detergent
Dishwasher safe

About 39Arita

Started in the Edo Period and with a history of more than 400 years, the Arita-yaki porcelain is made in the town of Arita, Saga Prefecture.

39Arita is also the creator of the beloved Cera Filter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Louis L.

Great mug. Holds a lot more than it looks and I love the unique shape.

Aesthetically pleasing mug

I really love the soft overtones of the mug which doesn’t overshadow the coffee. Design wise makes it really nice to hold/nice feel to it.

Alexey G.
A pleseant mug

Great coffee mug, easy to clean, doesn't absorb odours. Great tranquil colours. Also the handle is cute.

Tommy D.
39 Arita mug...!

Such beautiful craftsmanship a lovely mug...

Jake L.
Beautiful design

Love Kurasu and the coffee and coffee related items they have to offer. Saw this mug when browsing their site before the holidays and thought it would look amazing with my coffee collection. Love the way it looks on the counter top. Design is beautiful and sturdy. Colors were not as vibrant as the web site displayed but love what I ended up with. As always, ordering from Kurasu is easy, items arrived quickly, packaging is top notch and their care and service are equally top notch. They care.

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