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Coffee & Cycling Map in Kyoto

Biking is a common way of transport here in Kyoto. Everyday at Kurasu we welcome customers visiting us by bike, darting the street to grab a cup of coffee. We are proud to be serving specialty coffee in a city where the old and new coffee culture coexist, being a part of the colors that make the city beautiful like one big painting.

Kyoto is a small city and not all of the great spots in Kyoto are located in the central. Which is why biking is a wonderful way of visiting those places which is difficult to reach via public transport and are a bit far away to walk to.

At every corner and on every little alley, the historical city of Kyoto have so much more to offer than what is mentioned on a tidy, grid patterned map on a guide book. With this map, that we made to share all the hidden gems for good coffee - we hope your bike will take you to all the cool spots in Kyoto you've never seen before.

Product Details

Selected by coffee professionals:
Staff members at Kurasu selected the best of best of what Kyoto has to offer from the point of view of coffee professionals. The quality of coffee experience is guaranteed.

Get a discount for bike rent:
Get a 100 yen discount from the bike hiring fee at KCTP, our partnering company- they have multiple terminals across Kyoto including the one near to JR Kyoto station and a minute walk away from our Kyoto Stand. There's no expiration date on the perk, so make sure to bring it for your future visit to Kyoto. 

Digital Map also available:
Simply scan the QR Code on this map and all the cafe & bike parking spots will be visible on the map app on your devices.

Map is also available in store at:
Kurasu Kyoto Stand
Kurasu Ebisugawa

Size:Folded (H21 × W11.8cm), opened (H42 × W59.5cm)

Printed in Japan
Information in both Japanese and English

Rwanda Rugali (Light Roast)
Tangerine, Apple, Flower nectar

Country: Rwanda
Process: Fully Washed
Region: Nyamasheke
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1550-1800m
*12g of ground coffee brews approximately 180ml of coffee.

Designed exclusively by our Kyoto based designer, Miz

A Kyoto based designer, Miz, has been our wonderful head designer while also working with clients across the world. Her passion for coffee and love for the city has turned our idea of making a coffee map into this beautiful product.

Check her out: www.miz-tsuji.com/

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