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TORCH Little Glass

Teeny-Tiny but Sturdy: A Thick, Heat-Proof Glass That Adds a Little Joy to Your Coffee Break

A lovely little glass from the beloved TORCH, that holds cold drinks, hot drinks, and microwavable- it's so versatile it will soon become your staple on your table throughout the year. 

The mouth of the glass has a little angle that makes it easier to hold, and it matches the angle of their Mountain Dripper, so that it can be used as a post-brew dripper holder/cup as well. 

TORCH's Nakabayashi-san started this project in around 2022, when he met Kano-san and Fujiwara-san from GLAUBELL COFFEE in Setagaya, Tokyo.

They wanted a little cup that can hold a dripper after they finished brewing coffee- with their inputs and Nakabayashi-san's idea of making a little glass that can live on the table and can be used for many things, this dainty glass was created.

Product Details

Size D82mm (mouth)×H64mm

Capacity: Approx. 140ml

Material:Heat resistant glass (max 120℃)

Compatible with: Microwave (heating up only), Dishwasher
NOT compatible with: Direct fire, Oven

Made in Japan

Use soft sponges for cleaning. Avoid hard brushes, sponges, or cream cleanser. After the wash, wipe off any remaining water using a soft cloth.

Since they are handmade by craftsmen, there are individual
differences. In particular, air bubbles and scratches can be seen. This is not
a defect, and it will not directly cause breakage.

The above symptoms are not considered defects and are not subject to return or

DO NOT use on an open flame or in an oven. The product is made of glass and
will break with impact.

Microwave this only for regular heating up purposes only,
and make sure to follow the instruction of your microwave.

The product conducts heat, so please be aware that when
used with hot drink or microwave, it can be extremely hot and may cause burn.


Based in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, TORCH has been growing its fanbase in Japanese and global coffee scenes since its establishment in 2006, for its simple, elegant, and versatile design optimized for a perfect brew.

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