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Kurasu Drip Coffee Bag - House Blend Dark

Orange peel, Dark chocolate, Buttery, Long aftertaste

Country: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Process: Natural / Washed
*12gr of ground coffee brews approximately 180ml of coffee.

* The best before date printed on the back shows YY/MM/DD (Ex. "22.03.15" = 2022, March 15th).

Pack: 1 bag


Our drip bags are filled with coffee all roasted by us in Kyoto, then packed with nitrogen flushing to maintain that gorgeous aroma of freshly ground coffee. It's easy to brew, and it's definitely a great alternative to instant coffee to up the game of quick fix to start the day or freshen up in the afternoon.

*We accept big orders of over 50 bags so please contact us for further information.

The bean temperature is set to reach 15°C to 17°C higher than that of light roast coffee. We roast all the way through with medium heat for 11 minutes.

Ratio 1:15

・Kurasu Coffee Drip bag: 12g of coffee inside
・Hot water: 180g 

Step by step:

  • Pour hot water to wet the coffee grind, and let it bloom for 30 seconds (If you have a scale, Pour: 30g of water).
  • Pour the water slowly and evenly to the top (Approx.: 80g).
  • Once the water level goes down to 1/3 from the bottom, pour the rest (Approx.: 70g, Total: 180g).
  • Let it all drip, then remove the drip bag and serve.
  • Finish the process in approximately 2 minutes. 

Roasting and Shipping Schedule

We roast all of our coffee in Kyoto, at our Nishijin Roastery, up to twice a week on Monday and Sunday.

We then pack and ship the freshly roasted beans out on weekdays (please note that our fulfilment operation closes on weekends).

The roasting date on your coffee will be between 14 days prior to your order, and while we try our best to ship as younger roast as possible, we actually recommend you waiting at least 1 week after the roasting date to enjoy the fully developed flavor, so if you receive a very fresh roast please let the coffee rest for about a week and give it a try!

*All shipment will be done on the next Wednesday after order is received.

Bean's Q&A

Checkout our article on How to brew with Kurasu Coffee Drip Bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew W.
Convenient and tasty

I didn't think I'd be a regular buyer of individual drip bags all the way from Japan, but they're a great price and really tasty. Even including the shipping cost I've been saving money on coffees at work and easily making a nice cup for myself. I hate when I've run out!

L C.
buy again

love the combination of chocolate and orange peel

M D.
Best drip bag

Probably the best drip bag I’ve ever tasted! A lot better than some of the multi pack competitors.

Great coffee

I have ordered from their website several times and it never disappointed me . Love their coffee!

Nice coffee

A fast and convenient way to enjoy a nice coffee! Will definitely buy again!!