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3 CEDARS COFFEE (Oita): 2024 January #KurasuPartnerRoaster

3 CEDARS COFFEE from Oita is 2024’s first #KurasuPartnerRoaster. The owner, Misugi-san, whose name literally spells as 3 CEDARS , is a well known expert among the local coffee enthusiasts for his skillful roast.
3 CEDARS COFFEE celebrates its 8th anniversary this year, but Misugi-san’s journey with coffee dates back even more.

Misugi-san started his career in the industry as a barista in Fukuoka after his graduation. Since then, he has experienced upstream to downstream of the coffee business, also including helping open a cafe business.
Back then, Japan had only started to import Seattle-based coffee culture, and people were getting more familiar with different styles of coffee such as latte and mocha. That means the specialty coffee movement happened mid-career for Misugi-san; so we asked about his first memorable moment with specialty coffee.

“It was about 20 years ago- I had a prize-winning coffee from Rocinante farm. It was a clear, clean and sweet cup. I have been in the industry for a while, but the reality is I only had a handful of coffees that stuck in my mind- but that coffee experience I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.”

Before opening 3 CEDARS COFFEE, the first thing Misugi-san did was to fly to Central America to buy some beans. “The idea was, I didn’t have a physical shop yet, but if I have a coffee to sell that will force me to start the business running” , Misugi-san reflects. He opened 3 CEDARS COFFEE as a beans-only shop to better promote coffee at its highest quality, but he recalls how difficult it was for him to turn many people down as they dropped by to drink coffee. But he stayed true to his belief, and his mission to promote quality coffee gradually has granted him more and more people noticing the value in his style.

Misugi-san roasts his coffee with Probat UG22kg- Probat was one of the popular choices for roasters when Misugi-san started his career, as some star roasters like George Howell Coffee and Square Mile Coffee Roasters. Misugi-san loves the control he can get over its manual-heavy structure and the superb heat retention; and his love shines through the sweetness of his coffee.

Misugi-san’s next mission is to promote specialty coffee for the younger generation. “I’d like to open a cafe that serves traditional but diverse coffee- a cup that is up to speed with the ever-metamorphosing coffee in terms of variety, terroir, and process, but a cup that also provides comfort and inclusivity. A cup that embraces those who drink it, however they like it to enjoy”, he smiled.