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An Everyday Luxury: Guatemala Teodoro Engelhardt

We have started 2024 with a bit too much of a blast- there are so many great beans out now, and we can't really pick our best favorite. We love them all equally, but if you are looking for an everyday luxury, here's what you should try.

Guatemala Teodoro Engelhardt

Roast level: Light roast

Process: Fully washed

Variety: Caturra

Roaster's comment: Sweet aroma, taste of mandarin orange, cashew nuts and Japanese black tea, caramel-like sweetness and accompanying aftertaste.



About the producer: Finca La Bella

The producing farm, La Bella is located in the Sierra de Las Minas area in Guatemala. The farm was established in 1960年, now led by Mr. Teodoro Engelhardt who is the fourth generation of his family business of growing coffee. He spent 13 years with his farther working on the crops to learn the trade. 



The farm was named "Bella", which means beautiful in Spanish, by the founder after the breathtaking landscape with tall, mist-covered mountains looking over the land slowly reveal the full spectacle as the sun shines through. There is other word "guapa" that also means pretty, but compared to that, "bella" describes both inner and outer beauty. If you love hiking and climbing, imagine a view of a sunrise slowly clears the mist- it will add something more special to your cup.

How They Capture the Bursting Fruitiness in Their Coffee

The producers hand-pick red & ripe cherries at their peak of the sugar level, which keeps all the natural sweetness captured. The harvested cherries are then steeped in icy cold water to slow the fermentation progress- the cherries fully fermented naturally and slowly develop a unique sweetness. The producers then wash the coffee in Central America's traditional way, and spread the beans on a large bed in a green-house like drying house. The final cup has a natural fruitiness of the cherries and a clear sweetness. (The batch has got even more aromatic when they reached us compared to what we tasted as a pre-shipment sample.) 


Roaster's Comment

From the very first sip you will find a bursting, fruity sweetness. Although it is a Caturra, you will also feel the complexed fruitiness of a variety of Ethiopian origin, in a perfect harmony with mellow body and sweetness typical of Guatemala. The cup has a mild and mellow flavor, with a wonderful balance of acidity and sweetness.


"Grinding this coffee itself is rewarding" Our Barista Says

Coffee from Guatemala usually smells nutty when ground. However, this particular one lets out a significantly fragrant aroma when ground, which impression stays in the final cup.

Our baristas brew countless cups of coffee everyday- they would cup them a little, but they are way too busy to sit down and properly enjoy one cup. This aroma makes their busy day a little better, and makes it extra motivational to calibrate the recipe. 


A Final Note

It may not be as flamboyant as Geisha, but this Guatemala Teodoro Engelhardt surely delivers a little moment of luxury to your everyday life. Either at our cafes or at home, we highly recommend spending some fulfilling coffee break with this special one.

(Origin Photos by SYU・HA・RI, Words byJongmin (Translated by Aya))