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We have had great opportunities to meet so many great Instagrammers since Kurasu has launched almost a year ago now and it was time for us to get to know them better. So we personally reached out to some of our favorite instagrammers we follow asked them to kindly introduce a little bit about themselves and answer three questions regarding their relationship with coffee and photography. 


「 torch 」 Bought a handy dandy new five in one reflector disc to up my photo game

@analog_kopiがシェアした投稿 -

analog_kopi is an Orlando based college student with a passion for coffee, who is a natural photographer. His simple and bold captures of coffee scenes are eye-catching and they express his deep enthusiasm towards coffee and photography.

1. What's your favorite coffee brewing method?
Favorite Brew Method - V60 but Kalita Wave is a close second
2. What's your main photographing tool / what camera do you use?
Nikon D5300 and the occasional iPhone photo
3. Who is your favorite coffee instagrammer?
So many good coffee instagrammers but @55coffee always impresses 
So I started my coffee Instagram account just to have it as a separate entity from my personal account (my friends got tired of seeing so much coffee pics). Currently i’m a college student and don’t do photography professionally although i’d love to. I started shooting coffee in particular simply because I love it and it just seemed to make sense to combine my love of photography and coffee with Instagram being the perfect outlet for it all. 



rainer_s is a Australia based Student of architecture. He photographs diverse methods of coffee brewing and captures the exciting moments of brewing. His shots are lively with lots of colour and light. His extraction methods and coffee knowledge posted on Instagram has been our mentor to deepen our coffee awareness. He has been one of our most repost instagrammer as many of you have noticed.
1. What's your favorite coffee brewing method?
My favourite coffee brewing method would have to be manual pour overs.  To pick one particular vessel as my all time favourite is difficult.  It is difficult because it is for that exact reason that I love manual pour overs.  Depending on my mood and the coffee that I am about to be brewing, along with the kind of roast and what I am wanting to express from that coffee, will determine which vessel I choose to brew with.  An excellent first choice however would be with the Hario V60 or the Kono Dripper.  I also lover the different styles and characteristics associated with the pour over kettles available.   Takahiro's are always a solid option though in my opinion.
2. What's your main photographing tool / what camera do you use?
My main photographic tool, one that I try to have on my person at all times is my beloved Sony a7ii coupled with my Zeiss Loxia 35mm or 50mm.  I shoot only in full manual and through the time I have invested in using only manual lenses it allows me to put more time and deeper thought into my compositions.  I feel that is one way to fast track your photographic progression and technique, by making your own decisions with regards to every aspect of taking the photo; that and also just take lots of photos.
3. Who is your favorite coffee instagrammer?
Hit with the difficult question of who my favourite coffee instagramer is.  I gain inspiration from many different amazing instagramers and feeds, both relating to coffee and otherwise.  A lot of my inspiration comes from what i have learnt through my studies in Architecture and Design, as I feel I have been blessed to be exposed to some amazing views and philosophies of how to see the world around us.  I try to incorporate all of my inspirations into coffee related scenes.  Some coffee instagramers that I am always looking to for inspiration however would be these bunch of legends of whom i'm sure need very little introduction as their feeds and personalities speak for themselves. @six_impossiblethings @mattydeangelis @analog_kopi @timjcoffee @55coffee @junichi_yamaguchi @artisansmith and many more including of course @kurasu_ .  Inspiration is every where though.
A little bit about yourself:
A little more information about me though.  I am a student of architecture and construction management.  I have been blessed to be in the coffee industry and work as both a barista and a roaster.  Having been given the opportunities to work with some of the best coffee's from around the world and meeting many amazing enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring people, I can only look forward to what is to come in the future. @cartelroasters @kazbahcoffeeroasters



@goodcoffeeme run by Vaughan and Nik van der Giesen based in Tokyo, introduces you to roasters and coffee stands all over Japan. They go beyond coffee and get the stories behind it, up close and personal. If you are travelling to Japan and are looking into the Japanese coffee experience, their website is an excellent resource! http://goodcoffee.me/

1. What's your favorite coffee brewing method?
V60 pour over; we like the control 
2. What's your main photographing tool / what camera do you use?
5d mark iii / iPhone6
3. Who is your favorite coffee instagrammer?
@hiroeins knows the newest places in town, @local_milk for her stories and style


@55COFFEE photographs coffee brewing scenes using multiple hand-drip equipments. The photos have strong shadows and cool colors but the captures are somehow very warm and lively.   

1. What's your favorite coffee brewing method?

ハンドドリップ Hand-Drip
I like the time I hand brew my coffee. I often use paper filters but I use nel drip once in a while. I change my brewing equipment depending on my mood and type of beans, but usually I use Hario v60
2. What's your main photographing tool / what camera do you use?

3. Who is your favorite coffee instagrammer?
I like how the photos show them enjoying coffee.

A little bit about yourself:
It might be too long, but here it is. Originally, I had no interest in photography or coffee. When my second son was born, I thought it would be better to tak 'good' photos if I was going to take any and that is what got me started on photography. At that time, I like shooting people including children. As I shared my photos on flickr and instagram, I gradually met more photographers and one of them brewed hand-drip coffee. From our talks about coffee, I started to gain more interest and researched on my own which got me hooked into it. There are many coffee brewing equipment which was intriguing but as I got fascinated by the equipment itself, the fluctuation of taste depending on how you brew coffee intrigued me more and more. At first, I posted pictures of coffee brewing on Instagram I took with my iPhone for my own record, but as I saw other beautifully captured photos of coffee scenes, I wanted to take photos alike and started to shoot with a single lens camera. Atmosphere is the most important subject in my shots so sometimes it may differ from the actual brewing scenes but I am enjoying taking photos.


@yk_view Mr. Yosuke Kiuchi is Fukuoka based and shares many captures of baristas in the pouring action from coffee stands in Fukuoka. The photos include the atmosphere of the shops allowing viewers to grasp the idea of the shop just by looking at the photos. 

Photo by Kiuchi-san of No Coffee
1. What's your favorite coffee brewing method?
2. What's your main photographing tool / what camera do you use?
3. Who is your favorite coffee instagrammer?
@nocoffee_  @sekasin79
A little bit about yourself:
Yosuke Kiuchi, Lives in Fukuoka, 36 years old. I don't work in the coffee industry, but my hobby is coffee and photography. I utilize Instagram to share the coffee in Fukuoka which I think is of very high quality among other regions within the country. I strongly recommend NO COFFEE and COFFEE COUNTY.
【木内洋介 福岡在住(36)
木内 洋介


ikko_life Mr. Tomohide Furuya who runs Tas Works, a consulting company offering designing, photography and original goods with a theme of simply 'tasu' adding something that is meaningful into your life. His photographs are peaceful in that it is capturing that very moment of quietness in the daily lives. 
1. What's your favorite coffee brewing method?
カリタウェーブのドリップ Kalita wave dripper
2. What's your main photographing tool / what camera do you use?
Canon 6d
3. Who is your favorite coffee instagrammer?
cafe_no_ma さん


Coffee time . * 手が好きです 程よく血管がうきうきしとるのが 良きです . ▽ * *

A K I K O . iさん(@aako_chan)がシェアした投稿 -

Aako_chan Ms. Akiko is based in Hakodate, Hokkaido who shares beautiful scenery of Hokkaido and coffee scenes she takes at the side of her window using the natural light. Her coffee pouring photos almost always has a FULL cup of coffee reflecting the natural light from her windows. The mix of coffee and scenery shots take followers into, what it feels like, a tranquil life protected by the Mother Nature.  
1. What's your favorite coffee brewing method?
At home I use Kono or Aeropress the most. When I go to cafes, I like paper filtered or nel drip coffee.
2. What's your main photographing tool / what camera do you use?
    3. Who is your favorite coffee instagrammer?
    I love all the Instagram accounts I follow...I can't decide.
    A little bit about yourself:
    I like taking photos of coffee but I am not a professional. I take photos of coffee beside the windows in my room :)