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ONIBUS COFFEE: April 2016 Kurasu Partner Roaster Subscription

Onibus Coffee is a roaster and coffee stand with a concept of “connecting people” serving the finest and highest quality coffee. With four stores located in different neighborhoods, Onibus Coffee is a hot spot for coffee lovers who like to connect. ‘Onibus’ means bus stop in Portuguese which was chosen for the name to signify a place for everyone to connect as if it is a bus stop connecting people from one place to another.

The owner, Mr Sakao’s ideas and mentality of coffee developed from his travels while at the same time, earning his people-to-people connection. One of the first encounters with a different coffee culture was his time in Australia where coffee is an essential part of people’s daily lives. That is when he decided to open his own shop believing that good coffee leads to good life. He is a man of his own words. He then opened his first shop after working for two and a half years at Paul Basset, Tokyo where he trained as a barista. His ultimate motivation for this was the 3.11 earthquake, which took him to volunteer in the affected area and realized that you only live once.


Mr. Sakao selects the beans and roasts, brews and hands it over to the customer, from his hands to the customer’s, taking full advantage and responsibility of serving quality coffee. He does not try to roast coffee to taste with his preference nor go with the trend, but to roast the beans to get the true flavors to the fullest, especially the single origin beans. With the blended coffee, it’s different; he tries to get sweetness with berry-like flavors that go well with milk, which is very much his own preference.

Onibus Coffee spreads its branches throughout Tokyo offering both espresso based drinks and single origin coffees, no matter what the trend, serving to satisfy ‘everyone’ on their coffee stop.

Onibus Original Blend
Beans: Bazil Natural, Guatemala Fully Washed and Ethiopia Natural
Characteristics: Sweet, chocolate, creamy mouthfeel, wine, long aftertaste
This blend is what we use at our coffee stand for all drinks we serve. It can be extracted nicely using any type of brewing method. The coffee has fruitfull taste within its sweetness and has a lasting aftertaste.

Rwanda Coko
Region: Coko
Altitude: 2200m
Process: Fully Wahsed
Varietal: Bourbon
Characteristics: Floral, creamy mouthfee, nut-like, long aftertaste
The coffee is made at a clean-kept roastery where the farmers contribute to the improvement of daily life and welfare system of the local people. The coffee is a clean-cup with balance of soft acidity and sweetness.