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Nagasawa Coffee (Iwate) : May 2016 Kurasu Partner Roaster Subscription

Coffee is fascinating, and its fascination shouldn’t be unknown or kept quiet, so the Nagasawa couple of Nagasawa Coffee tries to share that passionately through their original roasts. They started their business serving at local events, but to answer the fan’s request, they opened their shop in the Ueda neighbourhood of Morioka, Iwate in 2012, a home town to the owner, Nagasawa-san. Nagasawa-san has been roasting for over a decade and his coffee fans, whether local or international, keep growing in numbers.


Once a snowboarder, Nagasawa-san taught himself coffee roasting and now produces coffee that can suit almost all preferences. He selects the beans and roasts coffee at his shop on their Fuji Royal, a direct fire style roaster, puffing coffee steam out of the chimney to their neighborhood.

He produces all roasting types  from very light to dark roast coffee, adjusting the roasting level depending on the beans and its flavors; and to serve customers of dark roast lovers to light roast lovers.

Nagasawa Coffee produces coffee with a goal to have people easily enjoy it, contrary to how difficult the selecting and roasting is. They believe coffee shouldn’t be a challenging drink, rather an easily accessible and nonchalant drink. To satisfy both experienced and new comers to the coffee world, they are excited to share two of these beautifully roasted coffees.



Region:    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka zone
Altitude:  1600~2000m
Type:     Ethiopia
Process:   G1 Washed
Graded 1 Washed beans from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.
It has flavors like lemon tea as an ultimate characteristics of high-quality Yirgacheffe coffee. May notice floral and orange like flavors as well. Extremely high quality and to enjoy the characteristics at its best, it is super-light roasted.
Keep Smile Blend
Guatemala Coban Bourbon (dark roast)
Brazil Datera farm Sweet Yello (dark roast)
Elsalvador Buenos Aires Farm (mild roast)
Columbia Buena Vista Farm (mild roast)
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed G1 Konga zone (mild roast)
Tried to achieve a good balance with just the right amount of bitterness and sourness.

It is our standard blend that won’t get old. To always have a stable quality, we have blended five different types of beans. To note, they are not mixed before roasting. It is roasted individually to bring out its best characteristics, then blended.


When did you start roasting and what was the background behind it?

I started about 10 years ago. It just started from my sincere desire to drink good coffee. We opened our shop four years ago, in 2012. Haven’t forgotten to from the first day, to put full effort in producing good coffee.

What do you consider as you serve coffee in terms of purchasing, roasting, and extracting?

I constantly experiment and explore to obtain the coffee’s true potential. It’s a rigorous process from the provider’s perspective, but I want our customers to enjoy these complexities at ease. The mixture of these thoughts are always in my mind.

What are your roasting features?

We have a direct fire style roaster, and we produce a variety of styles – from light to dark roasts. I am always exploring the possibility of making light roasted coffee on the direct fire roaster, which is know to be very difficult.

What is the recommended extracting method/menu?

I recommend V60. We offer coffee brewed with a French Press with special filters at our shop. It brews abundant flavours without a sandy texture (Hunters Filter by Mi Cafeto)

What is the reason for partnering with kurasu x Good Coffee on their overseas subscription service?

Our goal is for many people to enjoy our coffee as possible. Having the opportunity of our coffee to be enjoyed by people around the world, is fantastic.

Any words for the awaiting overseas customers?

We are so happy for our roaster to be introduced to you all. We hope you enjoy our coffee.

Who is your favorite roaster?

La Casa del Caffe Bal Musette, in Sendai

Who do you respect as a roaster/barista?

Chiaki Kawaguchi-san, the owner of La Casa del Caffe Bal Musette. I learned a lot from her before I opened my own shop.



最初に焙煎を始めたのは10年程前 純粋に美味しいコーヒーが飲みたい。から始まりました。 実店舗を構えたのは4年前(2012年) 最初の志しは変わらず美味しいコーヒーの為に全力を注いでいます。


そのコーヒーが持つポテンシャルを引き出す事。いつも意識し探究しています。 その難しさとは裏腹に、お客様には気軽に楽しんで欲しい。 そんな想いがいつも交錯しています。


当店では直火式焙煎機を使用して浅煎りから深煎りまで幅広く手がけています。 浅煎りが難しいと言われる直火式焙煎機でその可能性を常に探っています。


オススメしているのはV60 店内では特殊なフィルターを使ったフレンチプレスでも提供しています。 液体のザラつき感が少なく豊かなフレーバーが楽しめます。(ミカフェートのハンターズフィルター)

今回【kurasu × Good Coffee】の海外定期購入サービスに参加してくださった理由がありましたら教えてください。



当店を紹介して頂け最高に嬉しいです。 私達が手がけるコーヒーを楽しんで下さい。


東北エリアだと仙台のカフェ バルミュゼット ・尊敬するロースター/バリスタの方はいらっしゃいますか? バルミュゼットのオーナーバリスタ 川口 千秋さん 自分が開業するまでに色々な刺激を受けました。